TwoUp Fluorescent Green 3D Printer Complete Kit

TwoUp Fluorescent Green 3D Printer Complete Kit

TwoUp 3D Printer Complete Kit w/ Electronics

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Now In Beautiful Colors

(Prints in One Color At A Time)


Build Instructions:

TwoUp Assembly Instructions


What's in the Kit? Everything that you need to begin 3D printing is included in the kit, including a small amount of PLA filament to get you going.  Every printer gets a 30 day warranty for all parts!  


The new line of OneUP/TwoUP Color 3D Printers brings an exciting new, customizable look, while retaining the proven print quality and speed. Each 'Color' printer has a 100% laser cut, precision acrylic frame in your choice of 10 colors to replace the melamine faced MDF frame of the UP Classic.

OneUp/TwoUp Crystal include everything in the OneUp/TwoUp Classic with these differences:

  • Laser Cut Acrylic Frame in 1 of 10 Colors
  • Precision Machined Flexible Shaft Coupler Reduces Z-Wobble Artifacts
  • Expandable Tech Sleeving for Professional Wiring
  • Heat Shrink Tubing to Terminate Tech Sleeving
  • Weld-On Acrylic Solvent w/ Syringe Applicator
  • Quieter Printing Thanks to a More Rigid Frame and the Natural Dampening of the Acrylic


Two Up Specs :

Minimum Layer Height: 50 Microns (Lower is Better)

Frame Material: Acrylic

Max Travel: Approximately 175x175x125mm

Maximum Travel Speed: 150mm/s

Maximum Print Speed: 100mm/s

Bed Material: Acrylic (or Basalt ... See Upgrades Above)

Heated Bed: No, electronics support it so it can be added later

Linear Motion Type: X/Y Belts and Linear Bearings | Z Precision ACME Screws / Linear Bearings 

X-Motor: NEMA 17 Motors w/ Up To 16x Microstepping

Y-Motor: NEMA 17 Motors w/ Up To 16x Microstepping

Z-Motor: NEMA 17 Motors w/ Up To 16x Microstepping

Electronics: Printrboard Electronics

Firmware: Marlin

Extruder: anUBIS w/ PTFE Liner for Reliable Printing

Filament: 1.75mm PLA, HIPS, Carbon PLA, Laywoo (or with optional heated bed upgrade adds support for ABS! ... see UPGRADES above)


The Kits EVERYTHING You Need Except Basic Hand Tools: 

(4) Super Torquey NEMA 17 Stepper Motors 

(1) Anubis Hot End for 1.75mm Filament w/ Thermistor

(1) Laser Cut Acrylic Frame

(1) Precision ACME Screw and Nut for the Z-Axis 

(6) LM8LUU Precision Linear Bearings w/ 6 8mm Smooth Rods 

(2) Aluminum HTD Pulleys w/ 3 Ball Bearings as Idlers 

(1) Set of Laser Cut Acrylic Idler Plates 

(1) Optional 40mm Fan w/ Mount to Cool Off Your Prints 

(1) Laser Cut Build Plate 

(1) Set of Printrboard Electronics with Integrated Stepper Drivers 

(1) 100w Power Supply 

(1) Bag of required hardware  (nuts, bolts, screws etc.)


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