OneUp v3 3D Printer Complete Kit

OneUp v3 3D Printer Complete Kit w/ Electronics

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The World's Least Expensive

3D Printer Just Got Better with Version 3!

Makerbot Quality (or better!) Results for <1/10th the Price

Build Instructions: 

OneUp Assembly Instructions


The new OneUp Version 3 is the least expensive, complete 3D printer on the market; it even includes some sample filament to get you started! There is not a better way to get into 3D printing with this easy to assemble, easy to setup kit.

Version 3 Improvements

New bolted on linear bearing brackets increase rigidity, eliminate sag and speed up build time! Print quality is drastically improved and calibration is easier than ever!

A new electronics setup, with user replaceable stepper drivers is now being used. The electronics are more robust, are user serviceable, can handle higher speeds and allow super easy installation and setup.

Brand new pictorial instructions make the build and initial setup a breeze.

An all new Z-axis nut is not only more accurate than the v1 nut but is self lubricating, eliminating squeaking!

Reliability of extrusion is improved with new tooth geometry on the filament drive gear and the included filament guide automatically centers the filament on the hot end for prints that just work! The OneUp v3 is a self built 3D printer kit designed to get you up and 3D printing with the minimum investment. The OneUp v3's build area is 100 L x 100 W x 125 H mm. The OneUp v2 has a CNC laser cut chassis (Made in the USA) and precision linear motion components, including chromed and hardened linear shafts, precison linear bearings and CNC machine ACME screws for accurate, consistent motion. The X and Y axis use HTD, zero backlash belts for fast, precise movement along their whole range of motion. The OneUp v3 is optimized for .05 (50 micron!), .1 and .2mm layers heights with a variety of filaments including PLA, ABS, Nylong, Laywoo, Ninja Flex, powdered metal based filaments, PVA, HIPS and many more! The OneUp v2 gives you professional quality results at a price point you can't pass up!


What's in the Kit? Everything that you need to begin 3D printing is included in the kit, including a small amount of PLA filament to get you going.  Every printer gets a 30 day warranty for all parts!  


OneUp v3 Specs :

Layer Height: .05mm (50Micron!), .1mm, .2mm, .3mm

Frame Material: Black Melamine MDF

Max Travel: Approximately 100x100x125mm

Maximum Travel Speed: 100mm/s

Maximum Print Speed: 60mm/s

Bed Material: Melamine Faced MDF (or Basalt ... See Upgrades Above)

Heated Bed: Not Included But Heated Bed Upgrade is Available

Linear Motion Type: X/Y Belts and Linear Bearings | Z Precision ACME Screws / Linear Bearings 

X-Motor: NEMA 17 Motors w/ Up To 16x Microstepping

Y-Motor: NEMA 17 Motors w/ Up To 16x Microstepping

Z-Motor: NEMA 17 Motors w/ Up To 16x Microstepping

Electronics: RAMPS Electronics

Firmware: Custom Marlin

Extruder: anUBIS w/ PTFE Liner for Reliable Printing

Filament: 1.75mm PLA, HIPS, Carbon PLA, Laywoo (or with optional heated bed upgrade adds support for ABS! ... see UPGRADES above)



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